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May 4 - 5. 2018. Sitges.

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Sitges Next has no categories or subcategories. Sitges Next has no medals. No unfilled prizes, no single entry walking away with everything. Sitges Next has a list.

The Next to Watch 2018 list will honor the best spanish works in innovation entered in Sitges Next 2018. A list designed by the innovation experts of the moment, acknowledging and giving value to its protagonists’ work.

(And we also award a 3D-printed prize, for fetishists…)


What can be entered?

Ideas associated with brand communication and business solutions, where creativity and innovation in the use of technology, data, platforms or new processes play a key role.

This includes from web sites to installations, RV experiences, applications, digital campaigns, social media, product innovation… ideas originating from agencies, clients, digital creators, entrepreneurs…

Entry price: 90 euros per piece. For every three pieces entered, the fourth is free.

Consult terms and conditions


Jury and methodology

A jury consisting of different experts will discuss and draw up the final list before the start of the Festival. The final Next to Watch 2018 list will be will be announced and presented the last day of Sitges Next 2018.

The jury will be announced shortly and will be representative of the different actors who push forward innovation in communication; brand marketers, national and international creative directors, innovation directors, technological creators and experts in other areas of technological innovation.

Entry Form