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May 5-6. 2017. Sitges.

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Requirements and General Conditions

This year’s Sitges Next 2017 welcomes the entry of pieces associated with commercial or corporate communication exhibited in Spain between 1 January 2016 and 28 April 2017.

Entry of data for pieces and campaigns must be done exclusively through Sitges Next’s online entry system at Presentation of pieces will not be accepted via any other channel.

They must be registered exactly the same way they were exhibited, without having been expressly modified for this or any other festival.

The pieces must have been made in Catalan, Spanish or English. In the event that the original is in any other language, it must be sent with subtitles in one of these three languages.

The pieces eligible to compete must be original and not violate the rights of third parties.

Whenever possible, the pieces entered will be presented in their original dissemination formats. When this is not the case, a video of 120’’ maximum explaining the promo will be presented. When the piece has a longer runtime than this, it will be accompanied by a short piece of 60’’ maximum.

The participants authorize the public and private exhibition of the pieces presented, as well as their showing in broadcast media explicitly dedicated to Sitges Next.

The registration of any piece, message or contents that have been declared unlawful by courts or self-regulatory advertising organisms via a firm sentence or decision will not be accepted. In the event that this firm declaration comes after it has received an award, the organization will proceed to withdraw the awarded prize.

Sitges Next’s organization will not accept the registration of pieces that could be considered offensive for reasons of ethnicity, religion, gender or culture. This decision will be solely up to the organization, and there will be no possibility of making any appeal or claim for damages against it.

Two different companies separately presenting the same registration in a section will not be permitted. In the event that two companies participiate in the same enttry, they must share a pòsition in the Next To Watch 2017 list.

Entry requests that have not been paid before 28 April 2017 will not be accepted to compete.

The prize winning participants will be entitled to publicize the awards won at the Festival.

The material and documentation presented will go on to become a part of the Festival’s archive.

The application for entry of a piece or a campaign at Sitges Next necessarily implies the acceptance of each and every one of the requirements detailed in these terms & regulations. Failure to fulfill them on behalf of the agency or company participating in the competition will imply the withdrawal of its participation.

February 2017