November 6 - 7. 2020. Sitges.

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Hamill Industries

Anna Díaz


Anna Díaz
Anna DíazFounder & Partner of Hamill Industries

Hamill Industries is a Barcelona-based creative studio composed of Pablo Barquín and Anna Díaz. They are directors, makers, artists and inventors, with a passion for combining and hybridizing new media and techniques to create unique audiovisual universes and experiences. They do not only work in front of computers, they also like to work in their workshop with their own hands and on real materials. Their main motivation is blending tangible and virtual worlds through the research of techniques and technologies. They create and work with all types of formats: music videos, commercials, installations performances, and even their own motion control systems.

Anna Díaz will be talking about their work process and how experimentation and development are a key part of it in order to achieve their results. From her own experience, she will explain how breaking away from the limitations of using a single tool has allowed them to work in their own workshop applying audiovisuals to the installation and performance world.