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The Fab Lab

Tomás Díez


Tomás Díez
Tomás DíezDirector of the Fab City Research Laboratory and Co-founder of the Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC

The Fab City is a global project that aims to develop locally productive and globally connected self-sufficient cities. It is open for cities, towns or communities to join in order to collectively build a more human and inhabitable world.

Tomas Diez believes we are in a time where manufacturing moves back to its artisanal roots and people shift from being mere consumers to co-producers.

The Fab City Barcelona is attempting to pioneer distributed manufacturing at a city level. As digital fabrication technology continues to improve, local custom-built solutions will increasingly displace conventional production.This could have wider social and economic effects, such as the emergence of a new path out of unemployment, and perhaps even a new paradigm for the local economy.