November 6 - 7. 2020. Sitges.

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Domestic Data Streamers

Pau García


Pau García
Pau GarcíaFounder & Partner of Domestic Data Streamers

Data changes the way we see our world. We can learn more from ourselves and nature surrounding us than ever before in human history. For this reason, we need new tools to reach and translate this information into a universal language. Domestic Data Streamers turn infographics into infoexperiences.

Domestic Data Streamers is a team of developers from Barcelona that have taken on the challenge of transforming raw data into interactive systems and experiences. With a background in new media and interaction design they play in the boundaries of arts, science and sociology to explore and create new data languages.

The team was created in October 2013 and since then has been working doing data experiences for several national and international museums and cultural institutions including the United Nations, Spotify or the California Academy of Sciences.


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