November 5 - 6. 2020. Sitges.

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La innovación creativa contra los robots malvados

Tomás Ferrándiz & Ximo Villalba


Tomás Ferrándiz
Tomás Ferrándiz
Ximo Villalba
Ximo VillalbaConducted by professors from the Barcelona School of Creativity: Tomás Ferrándiz, creative director of contents at BBDO Ximo Villalba, creative director at Grey

Tomás Ferrándiz and Ximo Villalba, creative directors and professors at the Barcelona School of Creativity will be conducting a practical workshop to generate creative innovation ideas based on a brief with the target of improving some aspect of everyday life from the role of a brand.

More and more, the communication, the creativity, the brands and the inventiveness associated with emerging technologies are evidencing the possibility of making a more humanist and promising world. As creatives, we are living at a moment in history when everything still remains to be done and where the future can be reimagined, so why not be optimistic?

Virtual reality, big data, the Internet of Things or artificial intelligence are as common today as our unawareness of them. And for many, all of these technologies per se come with a certain pessimism associated with control, the imposition of machines, freedom or isolation. Can brands do their bit in making technology seem less cold and distant? As creatives, can we generate actions, ideas and campaigns that improve areas of our society and that put an end to this negative perception that so many people have?