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Mark Brooks

New York, USA

Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks

Creatives have to adapt to the new reality of a world where startups are the future and where there are fewer and fewer technological and geographical limitations. This new order allows for working remotely, makes competition much fiercer, encourages societies where creative communication is in development and creates a synergy where creatives needs to be prepared to deal with new ways of communicating and interacting with clients and industry in general. A space has been created for small companies that believe in quality before quantity and creatives play an essential role in it.

Behance/99U is one of the platforms where today, you can find high quality inspirational, practical, intelligent contents for creatives.

Mark Brooks is a Barcelona-born designer and art director. Born to a Catalan mother and an American father, Brooks developed his professional career in New York until 2007. Since then, he has balanced his life between Barcelona and New York where he is presently a permanent resident and where he has developed projects including artistic/creative direction, branding, graphic design, typography and illustration for Nike, The New York Yankees, Behance, Lufthansa, NBA, Estrella Damm or Razzmatazz.