May 9 - 10. 2024. Sitges.

Explore. Connect. Change.

Festival of Innovation in Communication

About the Festival

We live in a liquid society where everything is constantly changing. Technology is transforming communication, consumption, entertainment, relationships… The immediate challenge for brands and communicators is to explore the paths of innovation at the same speed as society in order to continue to connect with the public.

Sitges Next is the exclusive meeting of innovation in advertising communication. Two days of a Festival to analyze and promote the work of those who are creating the new languages the relationships between brands and the public demand, and to inspire and guide in the discovery of new connections between advertising and technology, industrial design, art, film, ecology…

Brands, advertising agencies, entrepreneurs, technological creators, communicators and each and every one of us are explorers of innovation.

Sitges Next is the meeting place to connect, be inspired and do business together with the objective of making an important contribution to the transformation of the advertising experience over the upcoming years.