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The renowned Head of Planning at Uncommon, Tobey Duncan, will be one of the Stars at Sitges Next

Podcast creator Mona León also joins the Festival’s lineup. Sitges Next adds one of the international advertising benchmarks to its catalog of speakers: Tobey Duncan, Head of Planning for the recent British Airways campaigns. Sitges Next’s schedule -to be announced this week- also includes Mona León, one of the most ...

The Project Director for Heinz and His Creative Team will be at Sitges Next

Caio Fontenele has been determinant in positioning the brand as a benchmark for new communication Heinz has become one of the benchmark brands in today’s communication, thanks to the innovation in its campaigns and the notable impact they’ve had on positioning and sales. The head of marketing for these operations, ...

The Most Innovative Creativity and Strategy will be at Sitges Next

The Putos Modernos duo and the General Manager of Barça Innovation Hub join the lineup The visible heads of the Putos Modernos agency -Joan Alvares and Jorge Sandua- and the General Manager of Barça Innovation Hub, Albert Mundet, will also be part of Sitges Next’s lineup, which will be holding ...

Sitges Next Introduces the Innovative ‘Prompt Battle’

They are live creative competitions between two professionals using AI tools This year Sitges Next will be presenting an innovative competition system to generate communication contents through artificial intelligence: Prompt Battles. The Festival -which will be holding its ninth edition on May 9th and 10th- has programmed two prompt battles ...

Sitges Next Will Address AI from Different Points of View

Creators and analysts who are experts in this tool will be participating in the Festival’s lineup Artificial intelligence will be present at Sitges Next, through different approaches and contributions. The Festival -which will hold its ninth edition on May 9th and 10th- will be welcoming two AI experts to its lineup: ...

Hyperexperiences Touch Down at Sitges Next

Three heads of the DeuSens interactive agency will be presenting their strategies and proposals for virtual, augmented and mixed realities Three more names have been added to the Sitges Next lineup: Álvaro Antoñazas, Álvaro Monzón and Isabel Sebastián, three of the young voices at the DeuSens interactive agency. With their ...

The Sitges Next 2024 Campaign Invites us to Dream Without Limits

It features the hallmark of Zoopa and K1000 Collaborative “Challenge the status quo, break down barriers and dream big.” The Sitges Next campaign invites us to look beyond, in a tribute to the visionaries who, with their ingenuity and determination, have crossed frontiers and contributed to opening up new eras. ...

The Creatives Christian López, Miguel Espada and Jimena Tormo are the First to Sign on for Sitges Next 24

The three of them cover diverse fields of creativity, with relevant doses of contribution to innovation  The Sitges Next – Festival of Innovation in Communication already has its first confirmed speakers for its ninth edition, to be held this coming May 9th and 10th under the leitmotiv of visionary creators. ...

Sitges Next 2024 will Revolve Around Visionary Creators

The Festival will be holding its ninth edition on May 9th and 10th next year  The Sitges Next Festival of Innovation in Communication will be holding its ninth edition on May 9th and 10th, with a firm commitment to visionary minds. This year Next will once again include the “Nit ...

Sitges convenes the whole of the communication profession in a triple appointment

El sector de la comunicación se citará en Sitges los días 7 y 8 de junio en la triple cita del festival Sitges Next, los Premios Impacte y la recuperada Nit de la Comunicació (Noche de la Comuniación). Los tres eventos han confluido en dos jornadas, con el objetivo de ...

Sitges Next Presents New Contributions to AI Based on Creativity, Contents and Neuromarketing

The Sitges Next Festival has now finalized its line-up for the 2023 edition, to be held on June 7th and 8th at the Casino Prado in Sitges. The schedule, which will be announced this week, has added new names to those already announced previously: Pablo Muñoz, Ramon Castillo and Pablo ...

The Sitges Next program adds five new speakers, with extensive experience in innovation

Joakim Borgström, Marta Llucià, Ferran López, Beatriz Martín Valcárcel and Anna Roca will be at Sitges Next 2023 delivering different presentations on innovation in communication. These five professionals are joining those already announced last week: Enric Soldevila, Ana Luna and Natalia Mirapeix. Sitges Next will be held on June 7th ...

Sitges Next Will Address the Impact on and Scope of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Communication

The Sitges Next Festival of Innovation in Communication has begun the countdown to its eighth edition, to be held on June 7th and 8th and which this year will feature artificial intelligence and its direct impact on communication and its professionals as its leitmotiv. Sitges Next -which will be announcing ...

¡Llega el Festival Sitges Next 2022!

Sitges Next presenta las últimas tendencias en comunicación con expertos de primer nivel El certamen se celebra el jueves y el viernes con más de 600 inscritos El festival de innovación en comunicación Sitges Next reúne el jueves y el viernes una completa nómina de expertos en diferentes disciplinas de ...

Sitges Next Festival: the line up!

The Sitges Next festival of innovation in communication already has the grill ready. 30 experts in the field of communication fill the agenda with presentations, cases and round tables that will address the new trends and the most radical innovation. Strategies, stories, campaigns, brands, technological applications, creativity, agencies and new ...