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MAY 9-10 2024_ 



The Project Director for Heinz and His Creative Team will be at Sitges Next

Caio Fontenele has been determinant in positioning the brand as a benchmark for new communication

Heinz has become one of the benchmark brands in today’s communication, thanks to the innovation in its campaigns and the notable impact they’ve had on positioning and sales. The head of marketing for these operations, Caio Fontenele, will be at Sitges Next to present his ideas as well as the strategies and results of these cases. He will be accompanied by executive creative directors Paco Badia and Pipo Virgós.

Sitges Next -which is holding its ninth edition on May 9th and 10th- will be focusing on the visionaries who have blazed new trails in communication. Creatives, strategists and marketing directors will be shaping a multifaceted lineup featuring contributions of ideas, case studies and proposals that are a huge success. One of them is the Heinz communication line, which has become a world reference in innovation and will be presented by its main creator, Caio Fontenele, responsible for the company’s new proposals.

Caio Fontenele is the driving force behind ingenious global campaigns, others that have garnered awards at a variety of festivals and, most recently, the effects of the collaboration with the Absolut vodka brand, which has generated a strong impact resulting in significant sales.

Fontenele will be accompanied by the creative heads of this qualitative leap forward that the brand has taken worldwide: Paco Badia, Executive Creative Director at VML Spain, and Pipo Virgós, current Executive Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson.

The names Cayo Fontenele Paco Badia and Pipo Virgós join those previously announced for Sitges Next 24’s lineup: Joan Alvares, Álvaro Antoñazas, Miguel Espada, Laia Grassi, Christian López, Xavier Mitjana, Jaume Montané, Álvaro Monzón, Albert Mundet, Mike Ramos, Delia Rodríguez, Isabel Sebastián, Esther Souto and Jimena Tormo. Over the course of the next few days, the Festival will be announcing its complete lineup.

Sitges Next is an initiative of the Sitges Town Council, organized by the Sitges Next Association as a festival dedicated to promoting innovation in the communication of brands, agencies, startups and technological creators. It’s two days to establish new connections, receive input and get inspired, with the objective of making a significant contribution to the transformation of the way we communicate over the upcoming years.