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Sitges Next Will Address AI from Different Points of View

Creators and analysts who are experts in this tool will be participating in the Festival’s lineup

Artificial intelligence will be present at Sitges Next, through different approaches and contributions. The Festival -which will hold its ninth edition on May 9th and 10th- will be welcoming two AI experts to its lineup: consultant Xavier Mitjana and journalist Delia Rodríguez.

The way artificial intelligence will shape our lives, in general, and communication in the imminent future, in particular, will be one of the central themes at Sitges Next. For this reason, the Festival is adding two names that will be contributing their important views on AI, either as creators who have incorporated it into their work dynamics or as analysts and observers of the new terrains to be explored.

Delia Rodríguez is a journalist and writer specializing in the relationship between media, technology and society. She was the founder of Verne, the digital culture website of El País newspaper; Deputy Managing Editor for La Vanguardia newspaper; Director General of the Digital Department of the Secretary of State for Communication from 2020 to 2022, and editor of digital content for Univisión Noticias, among others. In 2013 she published Memecracia, an essay that already anticipated the phenomenon of virality.

Xavier Mitjana is a consultant and trainer and catalyst for the implementation of intelligence in companies and other types of organizations. He has a YouTube channel (AI en acción-Ai in action), with 193,000 subscribers, aimed at making AI accessible and practical, with tutorials and other content related to tools and trends in this field.

Sitges Next is an initiative of the Sitges Town Council, organized by the Sitges Next Association as a festival dedicated to promoting innovation in the communication of brands, agencies, startups and technological creators. It’s two days to establish new connections, receive input and get inspired, with the objective of making a significant contribution to the transformation of the way we communicate over the upcoming years.