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MAY 9-10 2024_ 



The Sitges Next 2024 Campaign Invites us to Dream Without Limits

It features the hallmark of Zoopa and K1000 Collaborative

“Challenge the status quo, break down barriers and dream big.” The Sitges Next campaign invites us to look beyond, in a tribute to the visionaries who, with their ingenuity and determination, have crossed frontiers and contributed to opening up new eras.

The campaign for the ninth edition of the Sitges Next – Innovation in Communication Festival is already underway, this year once again with the hallmark of Zoopa and K1000 Collaborative. The piece, produced in video and with graphic adaptations, focuses on visionaries; namely, the roles of geniuses who have broken down barriers for the benefit of society as a whole.

Under the What’s Next? claim and the image of Max Headroom, the piece shows a concatenation of visionaries who have defied the norms of their times, for example director Buster Keaton; scientist Marie Curie; artists Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol; boxer Muhammad Ali; the creator of Apple, Steve Jobs, or the Chinese student who tried to stop a tank in Tiananmen in 1989.


Sitges Next 2024 revolves around the role of visionaries, in this case, applied to communication. And consistent with this purpose, Carles Ortet (strategic concept) and Camil Roca (creative concept) have come up with a campaign that aims to highlight courageous and daring proposals that go against the established canons.

Carles Ortet stressed that “we needed a powerful and inclusive concept and that’s why I created Visionaries (in English) for this year’s edition. This year we are dedicating Sitges Next to the people who light the way and who guide us towards innovation, towards finding new formulas for communication, better ways of relating to each other, of making use of technology and interacting.” Ortet added that “brands, companies, creators, citizens and society in general need new, more honest, more sustainable and fairer models. A vision materializes when a collective makes it their own; that’s why it’s so important that people with vision have the opportunity to share their ideas so they can be adopted by society.”

Meanwhile, Camil Roca pointed out that “What’s Next is the question that all visionaries have asked themselves throughout their existence: what’s possible and what’s not. A few years ago, when I wrote the claim What’s Next for Sitges Next, it already reflected this spirit, for a festival that pivots around the innovation that inspires communication and that is shown in this campaign through historic moments by a selection of visionaries.” Roca added that “we wanted to take the question What’s Next? to the world of visionaries: were they born with this inquisitiveness, or did they acquire this knowledge over time?”

Campaign: Zoopa + K1000 Collaborative
Strategic concept: Carles Ortet
Creative concept: Camil Roca
Creative direction: Dani Ebo & Camil Roca
Copy: Dani Ebo, Camil Roca
Art: Elena Villares
Production: Zoopa
Direction: Carlos Fernández
Postproduction: Tamara Cortés & Xabier García
Original voice: Esther Rodríguez