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Sitges Next 2024 will Revolve Around Visionary Creators

The Festival will be holding its ninth edition on May 9th and 10th next year 

The Sitges Next Festival of Innovation in Communication will be holding its ninth edition on May 9th and 10th, with a firm commitment to visionary minds. This year Next will once again include the “Nit del Màrqueting i la Comunicació” (Marketing and Communication Night) and the “Premis Impacte” (Impacte Awards), in alliance with the Col·legi Oficial del Màrqueting i la Comunicació de Catalunya (Catalan Association of Marketing and Communication).

Under the concept of The Visionaries, Sitges Next will be programming a panel of experts in communication, marketing and other disciplines, who are characterized by having been authors or protagonists of very lucid innovation strategies. The Visionaries appeals to the culture of innovation and the exploration of new paths, which will be reflected in the Festival’s line-up: talks, dialogues, workshops, presentations of success stories and other parallel formats. The organization is already working on this lineup and will be announcing the first guests in January.

For the second year in a row, Sitges Next 24 will be accompanied by the Impacte Awards and the Catalonia Marketing and Communication Night. Its alliance with the “Col·legi Oficial del Màrqueting i la Comunicació” (Association of Marketing and Communication) allows Sitges to position itself as the capital of communication and a meeting point for professionals from all over the country

Sitges Next is an initiative of the Sitges Town Council, organized by the Sitges Next Association as a festival dedicated to promoting innovation in the communication of brands, agencies, startups and technological creators. It’s two days to establish new connections, receive input and get inspired, with the objective of making a significant contribution to the transformation of the way we communicate over the upcoming years.