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Sitges Next Will Address the Impact on and Scope of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Communication

The Sitges Next Festival of Innovation in Communication has begun the countdown to its eighth edition, to be held on June 7th and 8th and which this year will feature artificial intelligence and its direct impact on communication and its professionals as its leitmotiv. Sitges Next -which will be announcing the first names in its lineup over the next few days- is being held this year in alliance with the Col·legi del Màrqueting i la Comunicació (Association of Marketing and Communication), which is also holding the Impacte Awards in Sitges and reviving Communication Night on the same dates.

The application of artificial intelligence, but also its scope, its possibilities, its limits and likewise its consequences on the profession and the way we communicate will be the main theme of Sitges Next 2023. The lineup the Festival is working on includes different presentations, lectures and discussions focusing on AI featuring different industry professionals, as well as experts from other fields.

Sitges Next aims to provide new knowledge concerning this trend, but also to contribute to the debate on its effects. The figures who will be addressing this kaleidoscopic vision of AI will coexist in the Festival’s lineup with other professionals, who will be discussing different case studies, trends and approaches to innovation in communication through different disciplines.

Along these same lines, the Festival will be presenting a campaign that emphasizes and focuses on the concept and dimension of AI. The campaign has been orchestrated by Camil Roca, with art direction by Dani Ebo and production by Zoopa, and will be adapted to different formats and mediums, via three variants.

A festival… and a great party. Sitges Next will be held on June 7th and 8th in Sitges, this year in alliance with the Col·legi del Màrqueting i la Comunicació (Association of Marketing and Communication), which is hosting the Impacte Awards and Communication Night. Both initiatives will be held on Thursday the 8th as a continuation of the Festival itself and have been planned as the great encounter of professionals from this sector in Sitges.

Sitges Next is an initiative of the Sitges Town Council, organized by the Sitges Next Association: a Festival dedicated to promoting innovation in the communication of brands, agencies, startups and technological creators. It’s two days to establish new connections, receive input and get inspired, with the objective of making a significant contribution to the transformation of the way we communicate over the upcoming years.