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June 7 - 8. 2023. Sitges.

Explore. Connect. Change.


Friday May 4th, 2018

08:30 – 09:30

Arrival, participant and speaker registration

09:30 – 09:50

Xavier Duran, Director General 

Line up presentation
Blanca Fullana, curator

Festival opening
Miquel Forns, Mayor of Sitges

09:50 -10:30

Opening conference: This is Next

Car Commercials with no Cars?
Ed Lovelace, Pulse Films D.A.R.Y.L.
A look at how Grey London shifted the way we make car commercials, and created the award winning Volvo Sponsored “HUMAN MADE STORIES” tv Series. Presented by director Edward Lovelace, from Pulse Films D.A.R.Y.L.

10:30 -11:40


3D design and virtual reality are here to stay. That applies to the automotive industry too. In a sector where sensations have led to memorable campaigns over the past few decades, the Internet of Things is setting the trend in new communication, associated with the values of more efficient sustainability and mobility. Let’s get Sitges Next’s engines started!

Cutting-edge Innovation
Manuel Garcés, Head Design of 3D Modelers & visualization SEAT

“For Ever and Ever”, by Audi, a 21st Century Moral
Carles Alcon, Creative Director at Proximity Barcelona & Jesús Díaz, musician and founder of Music in Silence

Disrupting the Automotive Industry Voxel by Voxel
Virginia Palacios, Strategic Consumer Development Director, HP 3D Printing

From Automotive to Automobile: Connectivity as the Focus of a New Motor Show Model
José Miguel García Guirado, director Automobile Barcelona – Automobile Barcelona

Moderator: Bàrbara Arqué, journalist

12:00 – 14:00h

BANKING Industry

The banking industry’s future challenges lie in technological transformations and forms of funding that are increasingly more mobile and digital. Nevertheless, at the same time banking agents cannot avoid getting involved with the momentum of the social and business development of their clients and the society that surrounds them. In order to achieve goals and adjust to changes in paradigm and economic values, their communication must necessarily be intimate… and innovative. A Sitges Next guarantee of inspiration.

Project Alma: The social social network
Beatriz Bahima, Digital Mk Director, La Caixa Foundation
Jorge Segarra, creative responsible for the project, &Rosàs
Marta Puidemasa, project editor, &Rosàs

Service Design: Innovation from the User’s Point of View
Enric Llopart, Head of Client & Business Development, Tribal Worldwide  

How to be wherever you are?
Xavi Gassó, director of digital presence at Banc Sabadell banking group

Every Brand is a Media Brand. Examples of the Financial sector
Carlo Rombolá, Managing Director, Lavinianext

Banc Sabadell Case Study of Investment in an Advertising Startup
Yolanda Pérez, BStartup Director at Banc Sabadell & Marc Elena, CEO co-founder of Adsmurai

Moderator: Jordi Pi Muntadas -Director of the Revolució 4.0 program -Catalunya Ràdio.

14:00 – 14:30h

NEXT to WATCH Bits: Innovative Campaigns
The Wolf Campaign, with Christian Slater
Vanessa Ribeiro, EMEA Print Marketing Campaign Manager, HP
Adam Wiese, Director of Strategy de Giant Spoon LLC (NY)

16:00 – 18:30h

MUSIC Industry

Music is a cornerstone that transforms culture and societies. And that’s why it’s one of the most dynamic and innovative industries in terms of the transformation of consumption patterns: more targeted and experimental with new and old, revalued formats. The success of live festivals, knowledge and development of new forms of music and new kinds of relationships with fans are some of the subjects that make up the heartbeat of a changing industry. The soundtrack to Sitges Next.

In-edit Festival: From Campaign to Product
Uri Altell, co-founder of the In-edit Festival 

Rock and Roll Branding
Jordi Ballera, director Edelman Madrid

Fan to Business. Know. Reach. Offer. Build loyalty
Oriol Bonet, drummer of the group Love of Lesbian and Fangazing promotor

The Pleasure of Music
Dani Pearson, co-founder and CCO of Domestic Data Streamers 

Dream Factory
Anna Mastrolitto, entrepreneur, artist and founder of LiveSoundtracks & She’s in Control
The on-demand concert phenomenon
Pau Corbalán, CEO Cooncert

Moderator:  Bruno Sokolowicz, journalist

20:30 – 01:00h


Saturday May 5th, 2018

09:30 – 10:00

Coffee wake-up

10:00 -10:40

NEXT to WATCH Bits: Blockchain and other technology tools

Blockchain, beyond finance, real sectoral applications 
Àlex Puig, Innovation consultant & expert (Blockchain, DAG, Self Sovereign IDs, Zero Knowledge Proof and Tokenomics)

11:00 -13:30

TOURISM Industry

Barcelona and Sitges are two successful brands. Two destinations that generate empathy and that have built confidence in themselves thanks to the values they embody. But maintaining the quality of tourist services and balancing and attending to the new demands of visitors isn’t always so easy… especially when striving to assure that integration with local society is the most appropriate. Sitges Next: The magic of the setting.

Barcelona and its Technological Ecosystem as a Magnet for Local and International Talent
Ricard Castellet, CCO of Barcelona Tech City

ME Brand Vision
René Hoeltschl, General Manager ME Sitges Terramar

Innovation in Tourist Communication
Enric López C., director of the Official Master’s Degree in Tourist Business Administration, EU CETT-UB

Albert Martínez, director of advertising and digital communication, RIU Hotels & Resorts and Ramón Azofra, CEO The Summer Agency.

Immersive Experiences in Real Spaces: How Domotics Increase the Virtual Experience
Ignasi Capella Ballbé, CMO & Business Development & Co-founder Broomx

Always Barcelona: Interactive Citizens
Daniel Bargalló, Head of Branded Content Broadcaster and Vincenzo Angileri, Narrative Director at Folch

Digital Positioning Trends in the Tourist Industry
Marc Vidiella, Head of Digital Strategies at NothingAd

Moderator: Josep Fernández Cavia, Associate Professor UPF

13:30 -14:00


14:00 -14:30

Closing conference: Sitges Next 2019

Gastronomia innovadora
Fabián Martín, World Champion Pizza
Innovation also in the kitchen. Performance and tasting as the finale of the Sitges Next 2018.

Next to Watch 2018

Tyler Hicks
The Truth is Hard to Find
Agency: Droga5 NY

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National Gallery of Prague
Touching masterpieces
Agency: Geometry Prague

Like my addiction
Agency: BETC (França)

The Making of Enter Sandbox
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Banco Santander
Cuanto, más allá del dinero
Agency: McCann World Group

Por siempre jamás
Agency: Proximity Barcelona

Tide ad
Agency: Saatchi

Ric Brazil
Agency: Ogilvy Brazil

Cheetos Museum
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

State Street Global Advisors
Fearless Girl – Women’s Day
Agency: McCann NY

The Good Virus
Agency: Contrapunto BBDO

The aquearium of the future
Agency: Ogily & Mather UK

Follow your dreams
Agency: HP Studios

Sitges Next is the festival dedicated to promoting innovation in the communication of brands, agencies, start-ups and technological creators.

Two days to establish new connections, receive input and inspiration with the objective of making an important contribution to the transformation of the way we communicate over the upcoming years.


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