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MAY 9-10 2024_ 



Sitges Next innovative proposals seduce an audience hungry for communication

The second day featured Digital Kitchen, Mau Morgó, Hungry Castle, Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman

Sitges has witnessed two intense days dedicated to new trends in communication and new media, with the constant attendance of public who didn’t want to miss out on the lineup at this first Sitges Next.

Saturday’s activities at Sitges Next – International Festival of Innovation in Communication and New Media, kicked off with a workshop by Heima, the agency in charge of the Festival’s art direction. The workshop posed a journey of exploration and learning revolving around images in movement, and how to become a great storyteller. Digital Kitchen, with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle, opened the afternoon session at the Casino Prado Theater. The creators of the intro for the series Dexter focused their conference around the Stanley project, in which they turned a classic piano into an instrument available to everyone through Twitter. Stanley “phantomly” plays all requests sent by Tweeters.

Catalan talent was present with a conference by experimental designer Mau Morgó, who presented the Festival’s credits, a total 3D and virtual experience. His project is based on the creation of digital images through brain waves and merging the electronic music bits with those of graphic design. Dave Glass and Kill Cooper, founder of the Hungry Castle studio, with headquarters in Barcelona, shared their Cool Shit project, combining fashion and public art, with the audience.

This afternoon Sitges Next presented the awards corresponding to the categories Emerging Talent (Mau Morgó), Media & Technology (Digital Kitchen), Transmedia (Hungry Castle), Mobile (Ustwo), Broadcast (Wieden+Kennedy) and Storytelling (Jessica Walsh & Timothy Goodman). The award, a 3D print representing the characteristic “X” from the Festival’s logo, was made by Siento Studio.

The Festival closed with one of the highlights from its lineup, the conference by the couple formed by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, two young, restless New York graphic designers who have travelled the world over with their 40 Days of Dating project. 40 dates in 40 days, explained from both the male and female point of view, and in great detail, through a blog. The book that explains all of this experiment is now a reality; and it won’t take long for the movie to be brought to completion.

Sitges Next is a festival curated by Héctor Ayuso and Christian Molina, and which is organized by the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia Foundation, the Sitges Town Council and the Catalonian Generalitat (the autonomous government of Catalonia) , through the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises).